Pros and Cons of Certified Cars


In today’s world, customers have got a wide range of choices for purchasing cars. There was a time when people used to wait for the budget to accumulate or the appropriate time to come to buy a new car. However, people can buy various new cars from the sections of the used cars. This is something not only financially beneficial for the customer but also helpful for a number of reasons. However, there are two types of used cars available, one directly from the sellers and other certified used cars. The certified used cars are inspected, repaired, sometimes engineered and modified as well. This comes with a better condition and certification about the performance. However, the certified cars have different negative aspects as well. Here are all the pros and cons of certificated cars.

Pros of Certified Cars

The majority of the certified cars have some advantages that prompt people to buy these.


As the cars are certified and inspected, it comes with the warranties. This ensures that car has been well inspected and within limited time frame if anything does not go well, one can avoid large expenses in case of break down. The warranties are generally the factory made warranties or extended warranties. This is one of the best parts of the certified cars. This does not only help the customers to get the best but also increases the quality of the car.

Proper Inspection

There are many used cars that are sold off by the sellers without any inspection and observance. However, that can be very dangerous and it may often break down. However, the certified cars have proper inspection so that all the parts of the car are checked including the engine. This makes sure that the car is functioning well and if there is any problem, it will be solved at the inspection round itself.

Dealership Assistance

These cars are easily available with the roadside assistance. This is one of the reasons why the certified cars are easy to own. There are many dealerships that come forward and offer the assistance. These cars are sold as per certain programs and that makes it pretty easy for the buyers to buy it as well without any hassle.

However, as there are advantages of the certified cars, there are some disadvantages as well that go hand by hand with the certified cars.

Cons of Certified Cars

There are few, but that must be mentioned.


The costs of the certified cars are more than the other used cars. The inspection adds up the cost and there may be a good amount of difference in a used car price and a certified car price. It should be sold like a new car without any negotiation, unlike the used cars.


Even though it is inspected, it may not be as durable as it is expected to be. Well, in most of the cases, it works for few years, and then the behavior is nothing different than a used car. It may break down all of a sudden and at the same time run for a long time.

There is pretty less difference between a used car and a certified car, but the name makes it a huge difference with its pros and cons.

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