FAQs for a Limo Rental

Some of you may have lots of questions related to limo rental, hence here we have given appropriate answers for common frequently-asked questions (FAQs). Have a look at these, before signing up for any limo package.

Is it true that these extremely stretched limousines are legal on road?

Reputed and trusted limousine rental organizations provide only that vehicle which has met all the prerequisites set by the government. Thus, even albeit some of these vehicles are totally fantastic in appearance, they ought to be road legal.

Are uniforms worn chauffeurs during the trip?

Of course, today a uniform is considered to unusual and thought to be exceptionally behind the times or even absolute odd. Most of the qualified chauffeurs dress in smart slim fit business suits.


Will the vehicle be altogether available to me?

Yes, however it should be within the time period you have hired the limousine. Exemptions may be in the event that you requested the vehicle to be part of something that the driver considered being a risk to its passengers or the vehicle itself. Aside from that, for as long as you prefer, you can hire any luxurious vehicle for any event.


Can I use it to go wherever I want to?

Yes, however it has to fulfill all the conditions mentioned above. For instance, a driver has all the rights to refuse your request of taking the limo off-road. If he or she anticipates that this particular action will put all other occupants in danger, then your request is declined.

Will the luggage be carried by my chauffeur?

Your chauffeur who is assigned for your vehicle has the responsibility of taking you around safely. Moreover he is highly qualified and has required skill-set. In addition to that, they will for sure be extremely helpful in giving an hand to offload or load your luggage in the vehicle. In any case, they are not general ‘odd employment’ work force and regularly running errands or for extended period carrying your luggage as these are not considered to be their responsibility.


Could I send a leased extravagance limo to gather others for me?

Yes, of course, provided its within the rental time frame. You should understand that smoking is prohibited as this may damage the upholstery.


Will the driver arrange the route?

Yes, that is something you won’t need to stress over. Simply let them know where you have to go and they will choose the right travel route to arrive that specified location. By the way, you can request that they take, for instance, a picturesque instead of most efficient travel route as well.


When I have reserved a limo vehicle, what’s the guarantee that I won’t be turned down later on?

Hence you need to opt for long-established and professional limo rental Company. Silly reasons are not acceptable if the driver informs he got lost, or over slept or was not clear with the instructions. Novice suppliers will produce this kind of experience, while trusted organizations won’t do that.



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