Top ten tips for safe travelling


Everyone loves traveling as it is one of the most adventurous and enjoyable thing. However, there are few risks that are associated with traveling to distant places. In most of the cases, if you are traveling to a well know place then there are no such risks but in isolated places you might face risks such as risks associated with money, ATM and hotel stay. In this article we have jotted down ten most common risks that a traveler can face during his journey or stay. Being prepared from the very beginning would help you to enjoy your travel safely.


While you are traveling by car, always remember to wear car seat belt. It is advisable to make your toddler seated in the rear seat of the car with the car seat belted. It has been observed that parents are most concerned about the kids when it comes to traveling.

Don’t carry huge cash

There are many stories of tourists getting robbed at their holiday destinations. Thus the most important thing is to keep the cash out of sight. Never flash huge amount of money that you carry in public places. It is always advisable to carry less cash with you. While traveling, keep some money in the car, bag, and some money with you and with your partner. So that if your bag gets misplaced or you face any crisis, everyone traveling with you is not dependent on you.

Medical Kit

It is always good to keep medical kit with you while traveling. While traveling, you never know what might happen. In case of any medical crisis, you can use the medical kit.

Don’t visit Alone

Another important point is that you must never visit to the ATM alone during the night. If you want to use the ATM then make sure that the ATM is not placed in any isolated place.

Keep your kids engaged

Carrying toys and games for the child is a good idea because will keep them engaged while you are driving the car.

Healthy Place

It is always advisable to book a hotel for stay in a good locality. Sometime to save few bucks, travelers compromises the location of the hotel.

Keep an eye on your luggage

Never lose sight of your luggage while you are traveling. It is advisable to keep a close watch on the bags you are carrying. Even if you are at hotel, do not let anybody touch your luggage.

Be Comfortable, Have Fun

Always travel in comfortable cloths and with least accessories. It is not advisable to travel with expensive accessories and jewellery. There are many incidences in which tourists were robbed because they were wearing expensive clothes and jewelleries.

Be sure to travel

Before finalizing a travel destination, check if your government has issued a travel advisory not to visit that place. It is not advisable to select a travel destination where civil war is going on.

Have your emergency number

In case you are facing any sort of problem, do not get frightened. Just visit your embassy in that nation. They will help you out immediately.

With little planning and prior arrangements, you can enjoy travelling to your dream destination with your loved ones.

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